BakFlip Ladder Rack



BakFlip CS Contractor series tonneau cover and rack combination.

You love the idea of full access to your truck bed. You love the idea of being able to lock up your valuables and keep them dry and safe under a world-class tonneau cover. You love the heavy-duty features and cutting edge aesthetics of the BakFlip tonneau cover, but you’re the kind of person that also needs a lumber rack from time to time. Whether it’s for sport, recreation or work, the idea of a heavy duty BakFlip tonneau cover and a sliding ladder rack combination has always been a brilliant idea. Well now the wait is over! The BakFlip CS tonneau cover integrates an elegant 500 lbs sliding ladder rack and an all aluminum BakFlip truck bed cover into one outstanding seamless product. This unit is no toy! Make no mistake about it. The BakFlip CS tonneau cover is the King of Covers. The options and advantages are endless when it comes to the BakFlip CS tonneau cover. Rack it, stack it, lock it, load it, fold it, flip it and LOVE IT. This baby is as good as it gets.


Panel exterior: Aluminum
Panel core: EPS
Panel frames: HD Aircraft grade aluminum
Finish: Black powder coat
Thickness: 5/8 inch
Hinge: Corrosion proof EPDM rubber
Weight rating: 400 LBS. – evenly distributed
Rack uprights: Stainless steel
Cross members: Aluminum
Rack finish: Black powder coat
Weight rating: 500 LBS.
Tie downs: Stainless steel
Rack rails: Aluminum
Size of box: 68x22x8 (inches)
Weight of box: 60 LBS
Install tools: 1 x 15 inch wrench
Maintenance: 3M formula 303 UV protection
Warranty: 2 years
Price: $2,443.35 inc GST


  • Intermittent locking positions
  • Drives fully open or in intermittent positions
  • Integrated 500 LBS. rack
  • Rack slides to any position
  • Rack or cover Removes in seconds
  • Works with 5th wheels
  • Works with bedliners and bed extenders
  • Panels Latch automatically
  • Lock tailgate for absolute security

The BakFlip CS racks slides onto specially designed rails that accommodate the BakFlip tonneau cover as well as the rack uprights. The rack removes just as easily as it slides on, so whether you want the cool sleek look of a low profile tonneau cover like the BakFlip or the rugged advantage of utility at its finest, the BakFlip CS tonneau cover brings it on in a BIG WAY!

BakFlip CS materials are made from laser cut stainless steel and then powder coated with an OEM finish that is literally designed to outlast your truck. It is strong, handsome, convenient and super easy to install with absolutely no drilling and just one single tool which is provided at no charge with the BakFlip CS. Just keep the tool in your glove compartment ad use it to position the rack anywhere up and down the side rails of the truck as you need it. The BakFlip CS rack system can also be slid right behind your cab, getting it out of the way when you need to load large items into your truck like a fridge or a desk. The modular nature of the BakFlip rack also ensures that no matter how long your ladder, lumber, kayak, surfboard or conduit may be, it can be position perfectly to handle the load at the drop of a hat!

BAK industries also provides multiple attachments for your rack system such as kayak / canoe grips which are rubber coated for protection. We also have lumber locks, sliding grips, sliding tie downs, a really cool bicycle rack and ski grips as well.

Call one our expert tonneau cover agents if you need help with your specific requirements or just need some advice about your tonneau cover options.