About BakFlip

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BakFlip G2 tonneau covers literally revolutionize what it means to have a hard folding tonneau cover on the back of your truck. For the first time ever, the patented features of the BakFlip G2 enable you to get the full benefit of a strong, durable tonneau cover and still have full access to your truck bed whenever you needed it. The BakFlip G2 tonneau cover is designed to flip out of the way for optimum use of your truck. The BakFlip G2 has changed the landscape of the tonneau cover arena forever. The BakFlip G2 tonneau cover has an abundance of cutting edge advantages which allow you to use your truck like a truck, without sacrificing valuable bed space.

BakFlip G2 advantages and features:

  • Tough aluminum construction make BakFlip G2 tonneau covers a real power-house of a tonneau cover, yet still easy to operate.
  • 2010 BakFlip G2

    2010 BakFlip G2 – click to enlarge

    BakFlip G2 tonneau covers follow the precise inner contours of your truck bed ensure the best fitting most aesthetic pleasing tonneau cover in existence.

  • The automatic latching system makes securing your BakFlip G2 panels as easy as closing them. Simply shut the panels and they lock down automatically.
  • BakFlip G2 tonneau cover panels fold easily and operate from either side of the truck for optimum convenience.
  • BakFlip HD is THE low profile tonneau cover  BakFlip G2 gives you full access to your truck bed  BakFlip G2 offers superb security
  • BakFlip G2 tonneau covers have a patented “No Profile” sleek and elegant look.
  • BakFlip G2 truck bed covers have a patented full access design allowing unparalleled access to your entire truck bed without removal of the tonneau cover.
  • BakFlip G2 tonneaus have a 135kg weight capacity when evenly loaded.
  • Water tight hinges and insulated panels render the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover superior in all weather conditions.
  • BakFlip G2 clamps on with no drilling  BakFlip G2 is rugged and refined  BakFlip G2 has built in drainage system
  • Drive with your BakFlip G2 tonneau cover in increments, or totally open, even at freeway speeds.
  • The BakFlip G2 truck bed cover offers full access to stake pockets so that you can use it with tie-downs, racks and bed rails.
  • BakFlip G2 tonneau covers have superior lockable security! Just lock your tailgate and you’re done.
  • BakFlip’s stealth design also ensures superior aerodynamics for improved gas mileage.
  • BakFlip G2 installs easily with simple clamp on design. Fitting it will take around 30 minutes. Removal of the BakFlip G2 Tonneau is as simple as removing two finger screws and the entire tonneau cover pops off. Since it folds up, storage is also convenient and easy.
  • The aluminum panels of the BakFlip G2 tonneau cover are coated with tuff black enamel paint, baked on for a rugged and durable finish. Between the aluminum is a durable, insulated polystyrene core, making the BakFlip G2 insulated, and light-weight. The BakFlip G2 is built with aircraft technology and although the entire tonneau cover weighs about 25 kilos, it is much stronger than you might imagine. The BakFlip G2 hard folding tonneau cover is operated in increments, so that even a small child can operate it.
  • The rails of the BakFlip G2 are designed to catch all unwanted water on top of the tonneau cover and channel this water out of drain valves that are cleverly located in the corners of the truck bed. This genius design ensures outstanding performance is rainy climates.