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BAKFlip® tonneau cover / truck bed cover is the latest generation of hard, folding multi-panel tonneau covers. You get all the security of a lockable hard tonneau cover while still enjoying instant access to your entire truck bed. The innovative BAKFlip ute cover folds all the way forward and up against the truck’s rear cab giving you access to the whole tray without removing the cover. Easily removable, the average hard lid weighs just 25kg.

Plus BAKFlip does not interfere with the stake hole pockets on your truck, so it works perfectly with side rails, tie downs, and overhead truck racks etc.

Nissan Navara sporting the New Bakflip VP

Nissan Navara sporting the New Bakflip VP

If you looking for a hard tonneau cover that literally does it all, the BakFlip hard folding tonneau cover is it. From sleek contemporary styling to state of the art function, BakFlip hard tonneau covers are sure to impress the most ardent critics. Made from tough, aluminum panels, BakFlip hard tonneau covers offer fantastic security, operate easily from either side of the truck, handle any kind of climate, provide full access to stake pockets and most importantly, offer 100% unobstructed access to your entire truck bed. Hauling large items in your truck is never a problem with the BakFlip tonneau cover.

The ability to lock and load is finally an option with the patented features that ONLY BakFlip hard folding tonneau covers can offer. No other hard tonneau covers in the world can do what a BakFlip tonneau cover can, and for the modest price of these phenomenal hard tonneau covers, there’s really little that anyone can think of that the BakFlip cover range doesn’t offer. Put a BakFlip hard folding tonneau cover on your truck and join the thousands of folks that have made this incredible product the number 1 selling folding truck bed cover in the world!

isuzu-2The BakFlip hard folding aluminum tonneau covers are the best selling hard truck bed covers in the world. When it comes to a reliable hard folding tonneau, the BakFlip range has certainly earned it’s stripes. If you’re looking for a tonneau cover that’s secure, good looking, low profile, easy to install, easy to operate and as functional as you could ever wish a tonneau cover to be, then the BakFlip range is likely your best bet. The BakFlip truck bed covers are a well priced, incredibly well designed tonneau. They are tough as nails and designed to outlast your truck. The undersurface of the BakFlip cover is made from tough, powder coated aluminum. All critical components are attached to the solid aluminum undersurface of the BakFlip tonneau for awesome strength and long term reliability.

v-w-amarok-3Your BakFlip will never expand or contract and provides outstanding protection against the elements, regardless of how hot or cold it is. The EPDM rubber trim on the BakFlip is also designed to last a lifetime. When it comes to installation, the BakFlip cover range simply clamps onto the truck bed with no drilling. Its custom fit follows the contours of your truck for a finished look that is elegant, understated and refined.


This tonneau cover is a monster of a cover that will certainly exceed your expectations on all fronts.